Northwell Health Dietary Worker in Staten Island, New York

Req Number 0022SF

Job Description

As a Dietary Worker/Porter you will perform various tasks relating to the preparation, delivery, service and collection of food and supplies. Operate related equipment and participate in department sanitation.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Prepares cafeteria for service of meals.

  • Sets up assigned station for patient meal service.

  • Works grill and pizza station and cleans equipment, as needed.

  • Sets up and maintains fully stocked grill area and sandwich bar.

  • Maintains fully stocked self-serve areas (i.e. fountain soda, ice, milk, paper towels, soap, etc.).

  • Serves on tray assembly line, reads patient selections from menu, and serves items on trays.

  • Passes and collects all trays to patients. Distributes trays to patients by reading name and room number, identifying patient by name and date of birth.

  • Delivers nourishments to patient floors. Reads and complete floor stock/ nourishment record form for each unit.

  • Deliver trucks to units for Dietary Aides or floor staff to deliver.

  • Retrieves and returns food carts to kitchen.

  • Cleans assigned areas following established cleaning schedules.

  • Cleans and maintains kitchen and dining area including, but not limited to, counter and tables. Regularly checks conditions of service ware.

  • Removes waste from plates and service ware. Stacks washable items for dishwasher. Operates dishwashers in accordance with established procedures.

  • Records temperatures of pre-wash, wash, and final rinse of dishwasher for each Meal. Reports any information not meeting established guidelines to management.

  • Washes pots and other serving equipment in accordance with established three-compartment sink procedures.

  • Follows proper procedures in sanitation of kitchen equipment including floors, storage areas and floor mats.

  • Cleans and sanitizes steam kettles, mixers, choppers and other stationary kitchen equipment.

  • Cleans and sanitizes assigned areas including, but not limited to, dishwasher, prep areas, walls, floors, dish racks, walk-in / reach-in refrigerators and cooking equipment.

  • Maintains clean caf environment including tables, chairs, microwave and garbage disposal.

  • Maintains safe and sanitary environment by mopping spills, sweeping floors and using appropriate safety signage.

  • Utilizes chemicals in accordance with MSDS policy and procedure. Notifies management of any chemicals not properly labeled.

  • Checks pH concentration of chemical sanitizer using test strip method and makes appropriate adjustment, as needed.

  • Removes trash and cardboard to ensure a safe and sanitary kitchen/caf.

  • Follows established procedure for waste disposal. Sanitizes trash receptacles and dumpsters.

  • Delivers clean service ware to designated areas.

  • Breaks down grill, sandwich and steam table areas after meal service and stores items properly.

  • Labels and dates wrapped items intended for future use.

  • Rotates and checks expiration dates of food items according to FIFO guidelines.


  • High School Diploma or equivalent, preferred.

  • Prior related food or dietary experience, preferred.

  • Ability to read, write and communicate in English.