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Northwell Health Coordinator Medication Access in New York, New York

Req Number 0027CS

Job Description

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Collaborates with

members of inter-professional team, payers, patients, and families to promote

timely access to medications. Provides pharmacy benefits

investigation, coordination of financial assistance and facilitation of prior

authorizations, as required.

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Collaborates with inter-professional team to enhance

communication, coordinate care, and improve patient satisfaction.

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Serves as front line subject matter expert on

outpatient pharmacy services, prescription insurance benefits, and financial


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Coordinates with stakeholders to ensure timely access

to medications.

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Responds to questions about available services and

patients' insurance benefits.

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Partners with patients to determine most appropriate

sources for their medication needs and refers patients to appropriate

programs and resources.

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Reviews prescriptions with outpatient pharmacies to confirm

which medications need to be dispensed and provides necessary timeline for


mso-list:l0 level1 lfo1;tab-stops:list 24.25pt"7. Resolves insurance related issues and

coordinates prior authorization requirements.

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Identifies financial assistance (e.g., manufacturers'

assistance, copay assistance, vouchers) programs to reduce out of pocket

expenses for patients

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Exhibits exceptional customer service during

interactions with patients, caregivers, and other health care professionals

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Identifies educational gaps and coordinates with

qualified personnel to ensure that patients' needs are addressed

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Monitors program effectiveness through facilitation of data collection and

reporting in accordance with established procedures

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Provides routine feedback with respect to program

impact and areas for improvement to site and organizational leadership

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*ADA Essential Functions


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High School Diploma or equivalent,

required. Completion of two

(2) years of college, business or technical school, preferred

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Minimum of one (1)

year of related work experience including customer service and familiarity

with pharmacy insurance claims in a pharmacy or medical office setting,


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Working knowledge of computerized

systems and third party reimbursement practices.

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Must be organized, collaborate well

with others, solve non-clinical problems and communicate effectively.

Microsoft Office competency (Excel, Word, Power