EY Skype Engineer - APAC in Bangalore, India

Skype Engineer - APAC

Core Business Services

Requisition # BLR00048

Post Date May 16, 2018

As a Skype for Business Engineer in the Skype foundation service team, you will be responsible for design, engineering and fourth level support for all Skype for Business PBX free deployments at Ernst & Young in APAC area. You will be working on projects managed by the Skype Services Team, developing solutions utilizing the appropriate architecture. You will apply Infrastructure Engineering methodologies and standards as well as your own expertise to these projects.

Essential functions of the job:

Technical Competence

  • Constant application of knowledge of Skype IP based Telephony environments, Unified communications systems and associated tools in all facets of infrastructure engineering

  • Create Skype/UM designs based on solid engineering and Microsoft principles and have the ability to incorporate both local and enterprise requirements into the designs produced

  • Provide SKYPE technical knowledge as input into standards creation and update on an ongoing basis as products and technologies evolve.

  • Articulate technical concepts into verbal discussions and presentations for leadership and peer review

  • Coordinate and perform system installations as part of office moves / office commissioning. Activities include: Gateway configuration, Skype configuration, number porting, and voice-messaging.

  • Implementation of design changes which are prepared by our Engineering department


  • Maintain responsibility for individual resource utilization whilst working on projects, meeting defined capacity models and providing regular utilization reporting

  • Work with the broader project team and PM’s to ensure deliverables are meeting deadlines and budgets

  • Ensure full and correct time capture on a weekly basis for all project and administration work to allow effective top level reporting

Client/Team Relationships

  • EUTX Infrastructure Engineering team

  • EUTX management team

  • Solutions delivery staff (Project Managers)

  • Telephony L3/Operations leaders and staff

  • Strategy & Architecture Team

  • External vendors and suppliers

  • Key business stakeholders

The position holder will perform other responsibilities and tasks as required to achieve the agreed performance outcomes.


  • Work with project team to design and develop against project time lines

  • Design and develop infrastructure solutions as part of the solutions delivery process

  • Ensure compliance with infrastructure design methodologies during project work with both the Solutions Delivery and Operations teams

  • Optimize design and development components (e.g., increase infrastructure utilization)

  • Achieve "first-pass" check of quality in solutions development as it relates to infrastructure

  • Gain adherence to architecture standards and principles, global product-specific guidelines and local regulatory requirements

  • Provide infrastructure maintenance support for problem management and incident escalation

Day-to-day challenges

  • Flexibility to adjust to multiple demands, shifting priorities and rapid change

  • Ability to work and team with a multitude of different people within and outside of IT to balance demands

  • Ability to deal efficiently with escalations and difficult situations/people under pressure, such as restoring services

  • High level of interpersonal, communication, organizational and decision-making skills

  • Ability to understand and integrate cultural differences and motives and to work in virtual cross-cultural, cross-border teams

  • Flexibility to work cross timezones and adapt office hours to evenings and weekends when required

  • English language skills - excellent written and verbal communication

Knowledge and skills requirements:


  • A degree in Computer Science/Engineering or a related discipline, plus an industry accreditation or equivalent work experience

  • Microsoft Skype for Business certification

  • Resource manager and Polycom IP phones experiences

  • Active Directory and Windows Server knowledge

  • DNS and DHCP Knowledge

  • Knowledge of load balancers

  • Basic networking knowledge and skills

  • Basic knowledge of firewall and TCPIP port


  • Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Skype for Business

  • Knowledge of telecommunications infrastructure focusing on IP Telephony technologies from the major vendors with an emphasis on Cisco Unified Communications and Microsoft Skype for Business .

  • Excellent knowledge of Unified communications environments with a focus on mobility and demonstrated ability to integrate these tools into existing environments. Certification and design experience in Microsoft Skype for Business and Cisco a plus.

  • Knowledge of dependent IP telephony devices such as SBA’s and SBC’s

  • Understanding of other technologies such as Active Directory, Windows servers, DNS, and load balancing


  • Substantial, extensive and demonstrated experience in various aspects of technology infrastructure design and implementation, with tangible, relevant and demonstrated experience in delivering projects within scope and budget

  • Demonstrated experience in dealing with external vendors and suppliers in the Telecommunications industry

  • Experience troubleshooting end user issues

Language: English

Listen: Can understand extended speech and can follow complex lines of argument provided the topic is reasonably familiar.

Read: Can understand factual texts, articles and reports concerned with current business matters in which the writer expresses an opinion, adopts a particular attitude or viewpoint; can skim long and complex texts for main points and important information.

Speak: Can interact with sufficient fluency and spontaneity to make regular interaction with native speakers quite possible; take an active part in discussions, present and sustain viewpoints; summarize main points of meetings or presentations; present clear detailed descriptions on a wide range of work related subjects; negotiate standard work-related matters effectively.

Write: Can write a report passing on information or giving reasons for or against a particular point of view; can write emails, letters, documents highlighting the significance and implications of the information provided; deal independently with routine correspondence in own area of work as long as it does not involve very complex content.