J&J Family of Companies Quality Excellence Manager in Shanghai, China


The Quality Excellence manager will actively shape the development of strategies, programs and action plans to achieve the site strategies. The position is responsible for implementing and managing effective continuous improvement processes and governance being deployed at the sites.

• 支持和协调关键工厂项目(例如:流程改进)并领导相关QA项目的执行和实施

Support and coordinates key site initiatives (e.g. process optimization) and lead QA related project execution

• 项目实施,在战术和战略问题上支持工厂质量合规部,以及在Instantis管理相关项目。

Initiative Deployment,

Supports the Site Q&C in all tactical & strategic matters (governance),

coordinate in Instantis.

• 支持工厂变革管理项目的展开。

Supports deployment of change management programs for the site.

• 通过恰当的技术和工具(例如,先进的过程监控和控制工具,统计性过程控制方法,过程性能

指标)开展产品和过程控制系统从而分析过程能力和支持改进项目。 Process capability analysis

& Improvement support, by develops production & process control systems

using appropriate techniques and tools (for example, advanced process monitoring and control tools,

methods of statistical process control, process performance metrics).

• 领导质量项目(例如Innovation Lab, Reliability Room)。

Leading Quality project (Innovation Lab, Reliability Room).

• 支持质量合规部能力提升计划,预算规划,全球战略改进项目和成本优化项目。

Support QA Capacity Planning, Budget planning, strategic improvement and cost structure optimization.

• 负责成本改进方案项目和系列。

Responsible for and manages the site, Cost Improvement Program and portfolio.

• 支持JJPS的推出和执行。

Support the roll out and implementation of the JJPS (Johnson & Johnson Production System).

• 辨识和实施与工厂项目的执行相关的不断改进机会

Identify, recommend and implement

continuous improvement opportunities as it relates to project

execution for the site.

· 管理质量卓越团队支持中国强生,上海强生,大宝,强生制药相关项目,并且优化资源管理.

Manage QE team to support above projects of JJC, SJJ, Dabao &SJJP and optimize resource usage


People management

1. 配合管理团队制定部门目标计划,制定相关小组任务,安排合适资源以按时达成目标。

Work with Dept. leadership team to fix the yearly Department OGSM, and cascade down related tasks S/M Q&C group. Arrange the resources in reason to make sure the tasks on time completion.

2. 指导下属建立个人目标、个人发展计划以及培训计划,达成一致后监督实施情况确保按时完成。

Coach subordinators to establish the goal, personal development plan and annual training plan,get final alignment, supervise the timely execution.

Other Responsibility


3. 完成其它安排的工作

Fulfill other assigned tasks.


  1. 教育背景Education:


Bachelor’s degree required. Technical and/or Advanced degree preferred.

ü项目管理工具使用经验丰富例如项目管理FPx, 财务跟踪系统Instantis, Metrics Studio。

Broad experience in use of Project Management tools (like FPx, Instantis, Metrics Studio).

  1. 相关经验Experience:

ü至少6年以上从事消费品行业或使用Lean/6 Sigma等不断改进工具的质量合规的相关工作经验。

Minimum of 6 years of Lean & Six Sigma experience in regulated environment.


Experience and working knowledge of Project Management tools (i.e. FPx), leading cross-functional

teams required, working in quality organization(lab experience, GMP and regulatory compliance


3. 知识, 技能和能力要求Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

ü 精于已知工具和方法(例如6 sigma和精益生产)的应用以辨识和实现引入新产品或新生产流程


Demonstrates high level of proficiency in applying established tools and methods (for example, Six

Sigma,Lean) to identify and realize new product or process introductions, as well as process and

business improvements.

ü 书写和口语方面的有效沟通,具备引导,决策,合作以及冲突管理技能。

Strong communication (written and verbal), facilitation, decision making, collaboration and conflict

management skills required.

ü 能够与不同阶层的管理层有效合作和具备对矩阵型组织决策的影响力。

Ability to collaborate effectively with all levels of management and influence decision-making across a

matrix organization is required.

ü 能够通过分析性和战略性思考理解复杂或含糊不清的问题。敏锐的统计,分析,财务方面的洞察力。

The ability to think analytically and strategically to understand complex or ambiguous problems or

issues is required. Strong statistical, analytical and financial acumen.

ü 具备突出的倾听,分析和引导技能。

Excellent listening, analytical, facilitation skills are required.

ü 积极主动


ü 不惧困难挑战,坚持不懈

Ability to persist in the face of obstacles or challenges is required.

4. 资格证书Certifications/Licenses:

ü 6 sigma或精益绿带优先

Six-Sigma or Lean Green Belt is preferred.

5. 语言要求Language Requirements:

ü 英文流利,说写自如

Fluent English in written and oral

Primary Location



Beijing Dabao Cosmetics Co,Ltd (7044)

Job Function

Quality (Generalist)

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