EY Assistant HR Manager KSA – Saudi National in All, Saudi Arabia

Title: Assistant HR Manager KSA – Saudi National

Location: SA-All-Riyadh

Job Number: RIY001DX

This role is intended to break bulk (where needed) for the HR Enablement Leader, with primary responsibility for managing and overseeing the ‘cluster’ of offices in line with service delivery and quality requirements. Works closely with HR services, Local Cluster Team, HR Enablement Lead and the business to ensure consistency of user experience, client satisfaction, timeliness and responsiveness of service, quality of service, efficiency of delivery etc. Responsible for identifying any areas of improvement in overall operating model or as part of specific processes and working with HR Continuous Improvement Analyst and the respective talent function to enable improvements. The Cluster Lead will be required to understand the process requirements, consequences and operational effectiveness through each process, providing when required improvement and resolution to better enable the business. The role will also require the delivery of training to Cluster teams, in conjunction with a needs analysis on a periodic basis to ensure all process requirements are aligned to Best in Class. The Cluster Lead will be required to support and enable change management through their respective Cluster to support V2020 and enable the Talent framework, as well as having a broad understanding of the Talent functions and collaboration.

Key Responsibilities:

Operations Management


  • Support Onboarding & Transitions Consultant with onboarding employees from Day 1 - 90

  • Support new joiners in settling into a new country, navigating local customs, administration and pastoral care

  • Support new joiners with finding schools and a home where required

  • Deliver Day 1 local induction including the coordination with local IT, Facilities Management and Finance

  • Deliver WTEY

  • Support execution of onboarding strategy; obtain business involvement in induction and ongoing onboarding for new joiners

  • Update the Talent Consultants on progress within the first 90 days and raise any concerns

  • Ensure all correct documentation is in place, hard copy files are created and all documentation is filed in hard and e-copy

  • Report back any areas of concern or risk to the onboarding team, recruitment team or SL Talent Consultant

  • Provide support on visa handling where required by onboarding and immigration


  • Administration

  • Ensure 100% accuracy of hard copy personnel files for all Employees based in location

  • Ensure 100% transfer of all hard copy files to the Employee’s e-file hosted within Share Point and GSS

  • Ensure all legally required documents are stored in hard copy and e-file format

  • Print, sign and distribution Employees letters and liaise with the legal entity signature to sign contracts

  • Represent EY during any ad hoc or organization labour inspections

  • Where local providers require local support, manage necessary medical claims and queries

  • WPS execution with immigration and finance to ensure legal compliance


  • Attend sensitive Exit meetings where HR presence is required – requested by Exit Operations or ER

  • Execute all exit procedures that must be done locally

  • Understand and have knowledge of key talent processes

  • Support all operational activity that needs to be executed face to face and locally as appropriate (i.e. CFTs, PMDP RC IWD, etc.) and not delivered by central HR Enablement, SL Consultants or shared services

  • Track any policy exemptions and escalate where necessary

  • Monitor operational services, provide feedback to HR Enablement and shared services as required to continuously improve service delivery

  • Provide support in implementation of any Reward initiatives or programs relating to flexible working, health, well being etc.

  • Locally support any engagement action plans being rolled at across the SLs and feedback on how they are being received to the respective SL Strategic Lead Talent Consultant

  • Where required by law, register the Employee Manual with necessary ministries

  • Be aware of changes to local employment law and communicate these to necessary parties including ER and HR Enablement

  • Provide advice to employees and counselors as appropriate (and when this is not delivered by shared services or Talent Consultants)

  • Facilitate face to face training, sessions and events that are Talent related and require local face to face support

  • Support Nationalization strategies where required in the GCC

  • Support the Senior Talent Consultant and Lead Talent Consultant in developing communications to the business on people initiatives, key talent insights etc.

  • Take ownership of certain talent initiatives (may be cross functional) to execute locally for the business in coordination with other talent functions, shared services as necessary.


Emergency Responder

  • Escalate any high risk employee relations issues and inquiries; support where necessary

  • Escalate any employee grievances, claims, disciplinary issues, union negotiation and consultation; support where necessary

Stakeholder Management and Networks

  • Act as a point of contact between the business and Talent to ensure that Talent services are aligned with business needs

  • Maintain knowledge of HR practices and key trends

Team management

  • Manage relationship with HR operations teams – share knowledge and enable business focus

  • Effectively work with Shared services along with HR Enablement team

Capabilities / Skills

  • As per capability toolkit


  • Knowledge of HR policies, processes and talent management practices within professional services or other industry preferred